About Need For Beans

We are a local coffee roasting company based in Redding, CA, specializing in premium small-batch roasting to ensure our product is always fresh and flavorful. Our passion lies in the roasting process and the satisfaction it brings to our customers. Our main goal is to create a lasting relationship with our customers by delivering joy through java.


As the owner of Need For Beans, I, Rick, started this business from home with a small handheld roaster. The aroma and the challenge of achieving the perfect roast kept me hooked. I decided to pursue this passion as my profession, and started by running a small coffee kiosk in the mall, but soon realized I wanted to focus more on the roasting process of the business.

What sets our coffee apart is our micro-roasting technique using a Diedrich Roaster, which is manufactured and assembled in the USA. This allows us to craft the perfect roast with every batch, while also offering the ability to fine-tune unique roast profiles. Over the years, with the help of friends and family, we have learned which beans produce the roast profile that appeals to the majority. We source our premium beans from all over the world, choosing only those that are in season and those that will help us achieve our desired roast profile. Most of our coffee beans are roasted when ordered for optimum freshness so our turn around can be up to 4 days but we try to keep delays as short as possible.

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